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  • Black Hat: Building a Ransomware Resilient File System with ShieldFS

    LAS VEGAS — The scourge that is ransomware has dominated security headlines over the last year, with large outbreaks like WannaCry and NotPetya shutting down critical infrastructure in affected organizations. Time and again, when ransomware outbreaks occur, operating system and security vendors alike remind users and organizations of the importance of having backups. But what […]

  • Black Hat: The Next Generation of Red and Blue Security Testing is Purple Team

    LAS VEGAS — The concept of Red and Blue security team testing is one that is well understood among many security professionals. The Red Team takes an offensive penetration testing approach to security aiming to expose risks, while the Blue Team is tasked with defending against attackers. Justin Harvey, global lead for the Accenture Security’s […]

  • Why Akamai Supports Let’s Encrypt

    The Let’s Encrypt project has re-shaped the market for SSL/TLS certificates, providing millions of free security certificate to organization around the world. Among the many backers of Let’s Encrypt is content delivery network platform provider Akamai. In a video interview with eSecurityPlanet, Andy Ellis, Chief Security Officer at Akamai, explains why Let’s Encrypt matters and […]

  • Types of Mobile Malware & Solutions

    As users have increasingly moved from desktop operating systems to mobile devices as their primary form of computing, cyber attackers have taken notice and malware has followed. While the total volume of mobile malware is a fraction of that created for desktops, it is nonetheless a growing security concern, as more and more high-value and […]

  • What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

    The era of employees bringing their own devices into corporate environments created the need for advanced technology platforms to help control all types of devices. Bring Your Own Device, often shortened to BYOD, opens up organizations to new risks and creates a need for a new type of device control. What is MDM? Mobile Device Management, or […]

  • Ultimate Guide to BYOD Security

    A core element of computing access is end users and their devices. It is the device that will access a network or corporate application and it is often the device that represents the “last mile” of security for any organization. To understand device security, it’s critical to have some measure of control and management over […]

  • Enterprise Mobility Management Guide

    The modern enterprise is mobile and employees are no longer tethered to their corporate owned and provisioned computing equipment. As is the case in the wired world, mobile end-user devices need to be managed to improve employee productivity and to reduce enterprise security risks. That’s the world that Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) inhabits. What is […]

  • Beware of Sleeper Fraud Accounts

    Attackers often create new accounts in order to commit fraud, but how long does it take from the time the account is created until fraud is attempted? That’s one of the many questions about fraud that a new report from fraud detection firm Datavisor aims to help answer. The Inaugural DataVisor Online Fraud report is […]

  • How Much Is a Google Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Worth?

    Since 2010 when it first began its bug bounty program, Google has been one of the most transparent companies when it comes to revealing how much it will pay security researchers for a given vulnerability. The Google Vulnerability Reward Program (VRP) has also consistently increased the amounts it pays out to researchers for different classes […]

  • How to Hide Malware with a Digitally Signed Executable

    Validating the integrity and authenticity of code in Microsoft applications is important given their near-ubiquity in the enterprise. One mechanism for doing so is a digitally signed file that is supposed to help Windows operating systems run validated code from known good developers. One problem: The mechanism can potentially be bypassed and an attacker can […]

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