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  • Mobile & Smartphone Security Threats

      Mobile communications are an increasingly integral part of their everyday lives for people at work and at play. But as mobile access has grown, so have mobile security threats. Such threats are lucrative for hackers and frustrating for companies trying to thwart their attacks. Here are the 10 top mobile security threats, as suggested […]

  • IoT Security Begins with Risk Assessment

    The FBI’s recently issued warning that newer cars are susceptible to hacking highlights the issue of IoT (Internet of Things) security not only in vehicles, but across the enterprise. Earlier this year security researchers used a $30 webcam to establish a persistent point of access into a network. This type of IoT hack poses a […]

  • 6 Tips for CISOs Selling Security to the Board

    Enterprise security needs to be a regular concern of boards of directors. It is fairly easy to convince boards of this, thanks to the near-constant flow of high-profile data breaches, from the Target and Home Depot attacks to more recent incidents involving the federal Office of Personnel Management, Ashley Madison and others. “With all of […]

  • Apple vs. Android: Mobile Security Pros and Cons

    Just like the BetaMax and VHS video wars of a few decades ago, there are staunch proponents and loyal users of Android and iOS (Apple)-based products. But unlike videocassettes and recorders, Android and Apple products carry personal, financial and other valuable information that hackers covet and work hard to obtain, using a combination of malware […]

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