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  • Two Approaches to Securing Autorun and AutoPlay in Windows

    Way back when, Microsoft opted for convenience over security and Windows users have been sitting ducks ever since. I’m speaking of autorun/autoplay, a feature in Windows that lets programs run automatically when a CD or USB flash drive is inserted into a PC. For years now bad guys have been exploiting this to automatically infect […]

  • Sandboxie: Blocking Web-Based Malware From Your PC

    There is no safe neighborhood anywhere on the Internet. Even honest reputable sites, such as The New York Times, can inadvertently serve up malware. If you don’t keep all the software on your computer patched with the latest bug fixes, you are constantly at risk – malware exploits known bugs to install itself. Now that […]

  • Consider Linux for Secure Online Banking

    Do you make online financial transactions from a Windows computer? If so, you may want to re-visit that decision. It’s a given that almost all malicious software targets Windows. In my opinion, while it is possible to secure a Windows computer, the process is too hard, too time-consuming and/or technically over the head of most […]

  • Are Chinese Hackers Attacking Your PC?

    Two things happened last Tuesday that, taken together, point out just how dangerous the Internet is. Cyber security was all over the news as Defense Secretary Robert Gates approved the creation of a new department in the U.S. government, called U.S. Cyber Command, to handle the security of computer networks run by the Department of […]

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