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  • Linux vs. Windows: Which is Most Secure?

      Editor’s Note: A lot has changed since this article was written so we decided to take another look at the topic. Check out the new article, Is Linux Really More Secure than Windows?, to see what the findings are … you might be surprised (or not). I’m more secure on Linux than I am on […]

  • Mac vs. Linux: Which is More Secure?

    In last month’s column, I said “I’m more secure on a Mac than I was on Windows XP.” Some of you asked how Linux fares in that comparison. To that, I’ll say I’m marginally more secure on Linux than on a Mac, but I prefer a Mac anyway. I can almost see my inbox filling […]

  • Open or Closed Source Code Irrelevant to Security

    I spend quite a bit of time talking in front of groups of people, and oneof the things I’m often asked is whether I use open source software (OSS)because I think it’s more secure than proprietary, or ”closed source”,software. I’ll bet this same topic has come up once or twice (this week)in your office, too. […]

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