Articles by Sean Michael Kerner 

FireEye CEO Stakes Growth on Multiple Deployment Options

FireEye added 287 new customers and fired some 350 employees in its fiscal third quarter, seeing 13 percent year-over-year growth in revenue.

Nuix Aims to Deliver Security Insight

Chris Pogue, CISO of Nuix, explains how by understanding hacker activities, risks can be minimized for enterprises. [VIDEO] 

Let's Encrypt Wants to Help Improve the CA Model

The executive director of the Internet Security Research Group discusses approaches that can be used to further improve the certificate authority system. [VIDEO]

How Symantec's New COO Measures Security Success

Mike Fey, president and COO of Symantec, talks about how he will bring the former Blue Coat and Symantec teams together. [VIDEO]

IBM X-Force Red Takes Pen Testing to Next Level

Penetration testing should be about more than hitting a compliance goal.

Should Enterprise Security Software Be under Warranty?

Should enterprise security software offer warranties, much as consumer products and services do?

Using a Neural Network to Improve Social Spear Phishing

Researchers from ZeroFox build a tool that employs neural networks to trick unsuspecting Twitter users.

How to Hide Malware with a Digitally Signed Executable

Deep Instinct reveals flaw that could potentially enable a security certificate bypass in Microsoft applications.

Authentic8 Advances Disposable Browser Security Model

Scott Petry, co-founder and CEO of Authentic8, talks about his past with Postini and how his new startup is the future of online security. [VIDEO]

HackerOne Continues to Grow Bug Bounty Business [VIDEO]

Alex Rice, co-founder and CTO of HackerOne, discusses how his firm is growing the bug bounty model.

LightCyber Shines a Light on Real Threats [VIDEO]

Gonen Fink, CEO of LightCyber, explains how his firm's technology helps solve  a key missing piece of the security alert mystery.

Pwnie Express CEO Riding Ahead Into the Enterprise [VIDEO]

Paul Paget, CEO of Pwnie Express, discusses how his company is evolving to meet the next generation of threats and what is driving the business forward.

Threat Stack Goes Slack For Chat Ops Security

PODCAST: Threat intelligence is great, but will getting actionable alerts over Slack improve enterprise security?

Skyport Systems Funding Tops $67M to Build Secure Servers

New $30 million funding round for security startup Skyport Systems includes participation of Google Ventures.

Organizations Lack Visibility into Application Security

Ponemon Institute study sponsored by IBM reveals application security shortcomings.

IDC: Specialized Threat Analysis Is Hot

Fear and loathing of advanced persistent threats (ATPs) is creating a market for what IDC calls specialized threat analysis and protection.

How Mature is Your Vulnerability Coordination?

VIDEO: Katie Moussouris, chief policy officer at HackerOne, discusses the Vulnerability Coordination Maturity Model.

RSA: Verizon Discusses Roman Holiday in Data Breach Digest

 VIDEO: Bryan Sartin, managing director, the RISK Team, Verizon, discusses the new Verizon Breach Digest.

Apple vs. FBI: Even Cryptographers Cannot Agree

Even world famous cryptographers don't all agree with Apple's position on protecting encrypted data.

How to Hire Security Pros Like a Hacker: RSA

Digital Shadows takes a look at how hackers recruit and finds some lessons learned for enterprises.

Cloud Security Alliance Takes Aim at Next Generation Cloud

Cloud Security Alliance announces a new global advisory board and starts guidance for security-as-a-service and NFV offerings.

IBM Buys Resilient Systems for Incident Response

Famous security expert Bruce Schneier will join IBM as part of Big Blue's acquisition of incident response specialist Resilient Systems.

Devices Running Insecure Software: Study

Study of two million devices reveals that more than half are running outdated, vulnerable software.

Smart Buildings, Not So Smart Security? [PODCAST]

Smart buildings have some IoT security issues, finds IBM X-Force Security research.

4 Trends Drive FireEye Security Revenue Growth

Growing cybersecurity risk and complexity mean more business opportunity, says FireEye CEO.