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  • Guide to Buying Secure Removable Storage

      Removable storage devices, such as USB Flash memory and portable hard drives, have become so commonplace that it’s hard to remember that there was a time you couldn’t so easily walk around with gigabytes (or even dozens or hundreds of gigs) of storage tucked into a pocket or purse. While the data mobility that… Read more

  • Top Ten Free Wi-Fi Security Test Tools

    All new Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products support WPA2 (AES-CCMP) security, but that’s not enough to harden a WLAN against attack. Breaches can still be caused by policy, configuration, and coding mistakes, overly-friendly clients, or unauthorized APs. Continuous surveillance and periodic assessments are important to spot (and then patch!) these and other WLAN vulnerabilities. You can’t conduct… Read more

  • How to Encrypt a USB Flash Drive

    If you carry corporate information on a standard USB flash drive and it gets lost or stolen, the resulting data breach can be catastrophic. That’s why you should carry your data on an encrypted flash drive. In fact, in many cases the use of an encrypted flash drive is required for regulatory compliance or data… Read more

  • Top Ten Phishing Facts

    Every e-mail user has experienced phishing first-hand. Phishing refers to fraudulent communications that use social engineering and technical subterfuge to bait victims into disclosing personal identities and credentials. Phishing is big business: Criminals reel in billions from fraudulent financial transactions, executed with phished data. With so much at stake, can you recognize a phish when… Read more

  • Are Virtual Servers Less Secure Than Physical Servers?

    The rush to virtualization has yielded a major vulnerability. According to a study just released by Gartner, the majority of servers being virtualized are less secure than they were when they were separate, physical servers. Virtualization has been used as part of a consolidation strategy to put a multitude of underutilized servers on one physical… Read more

  • Top Ten Wi-Fi Security Threats

    Gone are the early days of Wi-Fi, when CSOs lost sleep over threats like WEP cracking and war driving. 802.11n products have matured to the point where many enterprises are investing in larger, faster WLANs to support mission-critical applications. And yet, pros know that security is never to be taken for granted. Here, we offer… Read more

  • Online Banking Passwords, Usernames Widely Reused

      The usernames and passwords that are used by individuals for financial Web sites are among the most valuable pieces of information that Internet users possess. Yet according to a new study from security firm Trusteer, they’re also not treated by users with the confidentiality and respect they deserve. The company’s twelve-month study surveyed over… Read more

  • How to: Protect Your Website Using robots.txt, Part 1

    For hackers looking to access passwords, user e-mails, retail transactions, and other private data, one of the most useful tools on the Web is also among the most popular—Google. Armed only with the world’s most popular search engine, and crafty search terms, a Google search can turn up troves of data whose owners are probably… Read more

  • Tips and Tricks for Using 802.1X in Windows

    Does your network use the 802.1X port-based access method for authentication on the wired and/or wireless side? If so, you know it takes a bit more than just plugging into an Ethernet port or entering an encryption key to connect to the network. On each client, you must configure the smart card, certificate, or PEAP… Read more

  • Two Approaches to Securing Autorun and AutoPlay in Windows

    Way back when, Microsoft opted for convenience over security and Windows users have been sitting ducks ever since. I’m speaking of autorun/autoplay, a feature in Windows that lets programs run automatically when a CD or USB flash drive is inserted into a PC. For years now bad guys have been exploiting this to automatically infect… Read more

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