Verismic CMS Patch Manager: Overview and Analysis

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Company Description

Verismic Software is a cloud-based IT management and endpoint security vendor. Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Calif., and Basingstoke, UK, it has worked with more than 150 companies ranging from 100 to 35,000 endpoints, as well as MSPs. Its software portfolio includes Cloud Management Suite (CMS), Power Manager, Application Packaging Service, and Password Reset.

Product Description

Patch Manager is included in CMS. It automatically keeps desktops, laptops and remote users up-to-date with security patches and software updates. A subscription includes patching for Microsoft, Linux and third-party vendors such as Adobe, Java, and Chrome.

Markets and Use Cases

SMBs to enterprises, as well as MSPs. Key verticals include health care, government, education, financial services, legal, manufacturing, retail, transportation, and utilities.

Applicable Metrics

The company has deployed more than five million patches globally.


Automatically discovers network devices, and offers predictive patch management that prioritizes patching and threat remediation.

Method of Delivery

Software as a Service.


Uses lightweight micro-agent technology, with no need to install anything on endpoints.


Subscription-based pricing.