SolarWinds Patch Manager: Overview and Analysis

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Company Description

Since its founding in 1999, SolarWinds has provided enterprise infrastructure management software. In 2012, SolarWinds acquired some assets from EminentWare, a provider of patch management tools focused on Microsoft Windows servers and workstations.

Product Description

SolarWinds Patch Manager can automate the patching of Microsoft Windows servers and workstations for both Microsoft and third-party products. It includes a catalog of updates for products such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Oracle Java and more. This is maintained by SolarWinds and updated regularly. Patch Manager requires the use of either Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) or System Center Configuration Manager Overview (SCCM). Patch Manager integrates with the SolarWinds Orion platform via the Orion Patch Manager dashboard to provide such features as on-demand patching, patch scheduling and software inventory. It includes out of the box reports, which enables IT to determine the status of patches and demonstrate patch compliance. A patch status dashboard displays the latest available patches, missing patches and more.

“Where most competitors focus solely on addressing the patch management needs of Windows servers or workstations, SolarWinds Patch Manager also offers the ability to patch certain third-party apps and allows for the ability to easily build and deploy custom patches, schedule patching, and produce reports,” said Hynds.

Markets and Use Cases

Microsoft Windows servers and workstations for both Microsoft and third-party products.

Applicable Metrics

Patch Manager is deployed in a wide range of environments, ranging from dozens of nodes to several thousand nodes.

Method of Delivery

Windows application


Although the use of agents is not required, an optional agent is sometimes utilized to facilitate communication to machines that are located behind firewalls over just one port, instead of needing a wide range of WMI ports to be opened.


Patch Manager is licensed on a per node basis. License with first year maintenance starting at $3,617 for up to 250 nodes.

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