Netskope Active Platform: CASB Product Overview and Insight

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Company information

Netskope was founded in October 2012 and has been shipping its CASB product since October 2013.

Target market


Notable Features

Netskope covers thousands of cloud services either through published cloud service APIs or through inline decoding of unpublished APIs. Netskope's next closest competitor claims to cover only 60 cloud services with some level of granular control, according to the company.

Cloud DLP can spot data exfiltration from sanctioned to unsanctioned services, file movement via sync clients, and sensitive file access via native mobile apps.

Netskope combines threat intelligence, static and dynamic analysis, and machine learning-based anomaly detection to enable real-time detection, prioritized analysis and remediation of threats.

Supported cloud applications

More than 22,000 cloud services — from sanctioned services like Office365 and Box to unsanctioned ones like DocuSign.

Industry strengths

Healthcare, retail, financial services, energy, oil and gas, insurance, high technology and manufacturing organizations.

Security qualifications

SOC-1 Type I, SOC-1 Type II, SOC-2 Type I, SOC-2 Type II, and SOC-3. Cloud Security Alliance and certified CSA STAR.

Method of delivery

Cloud, appliance, or both.

Technology (API, proxy or hybrid)



Netskope uses a SaaS-based pricing model, priced per user per year.

CASB revenues

Not disclosed.

Approximate number of paying customers

More than 400.

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