Micro Focus Sentinel Enterprise - SIEM Product Overview and Insight

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Company description: Micro Focus is a multi-national software company founded in the UK in 1976. It acquired NetIQ in 2014, a company that offers IT system management, security management and performance management software.

Product description: Micro Focus SIEM is known as Sentinel Enterprise. It is augmented by NetIQ Change Guardian (host monitoring and file integrity monitoring), Secure Configuration Manager (compliance), and modules for threat intelligence feeds, exploit detection, identity tracking, workflow management and log management.

Markets and use cases: Sentinel is a good fit for MSSPs and enterprises requiring large-scale security event processing in a distributed IT environment.  

Metrics:  Sentinel can gather, analyze and correlate data from applications, databases, servers, storage and security devices. Its event taxonomy comprises more than 200 fields.

Security qualifications: PCI DSS, HIPAA, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), ISO/IEC 27001, and the EU Privacy Directive.

Intelligence: Integrations with other NetIQ technologies provide capabilities to support user monitoring, identity and endpoint monitoring, and enforcement/response use cases.

Delivery: Sentinel Enterprise is offered as software and as a virtual appliance.

Agents: Agent Manager allows you to deploy agents, manage agent configuration, and act as a collection point for events flowing into Sentinel. In addition, an Agentless Monitoring module expands AppManager to provide real-time monitoring of key metrics in situations where installing an agent is not ideal.

Pricing: Enterprise licensing is based on an EPS and per device basis.


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