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Company Description

MetricStream designs and provides GRC software solutions. Founded in 1999, it is based in Palo Alto, Calif., with an operations and R&D center in Bangalore, India, and sales and operations support in 12 other cities globally.

Product Description

MetricStream’s platform supports many use cases across multiple industries. Modules address audits, contracts, financial control, legal, quality, regulatory compliance, supplier performance, supply chain risk, NERC compliance, supplier audit, supplier compliance, supplier contract, store audit, incident and case, regulatory relationship, risk management, vendor governance, FDA compliance, trading surveillance, social compliance, quality assurance audit, and loss prevention.

New Features

MetricStream’s user interface design gives a unique experience to light-touch users

Improved customer support program

A version of the platform for the midmarket

Markets and Use Cases

Energy, healthcare, insurance, food and beverage, and automotive industries

Analyst View

Forrester classed MetricStream as a Leader, its top rating. The analyst firm believes the company will have to give users better analytics to keep pace with the more agile GRC vendors.


The company’s apps serve hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.


Cloud or on-premises solutions


Not available

Drew Robb
Drew Robb
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