InfoExpress CyberGatekeeper: NAC Product Overview and Insight

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Company Description

Founded in 1993 and based in Mountain View, Calif., InfoExpress provides enterprise network access control for mobile computing and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) networks. It is a privately held company.

Product Description

InfoExpress offers CyberGatekeeper, a family of NAC products that control access to the network by auditing devices before granting access to the network. The company’s solutions include Dynamic NAC for Windows, which is software that installs on Windows servers and enables clients to monitor networks and add network access control. InfoExpress Dynamic NAC requires no network changes and is fast to deploy. It offers centralized management, flexible policies, granular quarantining and monitoring, and remediation of unhealthy systems. It continuously checks all devices on the network. Dynamic NAC hardens the existing network by making some of the PCs enforcers that monitor and control access to the network. These enforcers report and quarantine unauthorized devices, like rogue endpoints and unhealthy PCs. Unhealthy PCs can rejoin the network after automatic or manual remediation brings them into compliance. Further features include domain authentication, and centralized policy updates and reporting.


It has an agentless NAC option, which is the easiest to deploy but offers less control and fewer inspection capabilities. Agent-based NAC can perform much deeper inspection and remediation.

Markets and Use Cases

The company’s website features mainly clients in the educational space.

Applicable Metrics

Can easily scale. For example, one client consists of over 200 campuses with approximately 100,000 users.
Security Qualifications: None noted.


Automated discovery.


Available as server software for Windows or part of the CyberGatekeeper Server appliance. This appliance includes Dynamic NAC (DNAC) and other access control methods such as 802.1x, bridge filtering, and SSL VPN. The DNAC software and CyberGatekeeper Server provide a complete NAC solution. When using the VMWare or HyperV versions of the policy server, everything can be run on a single Windows 2008 or Windows 2003 server. The CyberGatekeepr virtual servers support multiple enforcement methods, including 802.1x, DNAC, and CGSI/HIC, used for Alcatel Lucent switches and DHCP servers.


$4,995 (server software; seat license pricing starts at $55/seat, plus support).

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