InfoExpress CyberGatekeeper: NAC Product Review

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InfoExpress CyberGatekeeper has expanded into a series of products marketed under three brands, but always with the promise of rapid, uncomplicated installation and integration. These products enable IT teams to quickly deploy network access control (NAC) security easily and with full internal control.

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Who Is InfoExpress?

Based in Santa Clara, California and founded in 1993, the privately-held InfoExpress is a network security company that specializes in enterprise-grade network access control solutions.

What Is CyberGatekeeper?

InfoExpress’ CyberGatekeeper brand is now positioned as a specialized tool to provide dedicated NAC for virtual private networks (VPN) and large area networks (LAN). CyberGatekeeper Remote installs between the remote access point (VPN, secure gateway, etc.) and the corporate network to catch devices that do not conform to the company standards and redirect them for remediation. CyberGatekeeper Server resides within the network and blocks unauthorized connections and quarantines authorized devices that are out of compliance.

However, InfoExpress now primarily sells their NAC products under the Easy NAC brand powered by their CGX Access brand for appliances. Easy NAC is marketed as a product that provides simplified network access control with quick, but effective installation. The CGX Access appliances also can host specialized modules for guest access, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) access, posture compliance, and mobile device management (MDM) integration.


CyberGatekeeper can perform agentless scans using integration modules and communicate with users regarding compliance via HTTP redirection. CyberGatekeeper can also deploy the CGX Access agent to Windows, macOS and Linux devices that:

  • Improves detection from standard network recheck intervals to 10 seconds
  • Performs direct compliance audits on running processes, registry values, machine names, etc.
  • Uses a pop-up messages from the agent for end-user compliance messages
  • Can exercise real time control over device WiFi adapters
  • Can automatically begin remediation processes

Agents install silently and are 10MB or less in size.

Applicable Metric

The CGX physical and virtual appliances have limits from 300 to 10,000 devices. These approximate capacities depend upon network topology, type of endpoints and enabled features. Multiple appliances can be managed using the Central Visibility Manager to provide higher capacities and no limit is disclosed by InfoExpress.

Security Qualifications

InfoExpress does not officially satisfy any specific certifications. The basic NAC controls can be used to satisfy many compliance requirements; however, organizations will need to create their own documentation from the available reports.


  • Custom rules enabled by the policy builder using information about the user, directory membership, device, location, time, and more
  • In-band (appliance) and out-of-band enforcement supported through integration with existing wired or wireless network 
  • Network appliance agnostic 
  • Easy integration with many popular security and IT tools such as Bitdefender, Kaspersky Antivirus, ManageEngine Patch Manager, Microsoft Intune, SentinelOne, Sophos, Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager, Webroot, and more
  • Easy and inexpensive extension of NAC capabilities to remote locations by deploying optional vLink devices so simple that they can be installed by non-IT staff
  • Self-service portals  for guest and BYOD users 
  • Automated reduced access for guests 
  • Automated quarantine for devices out of compliance
  • Central Visibility Manager provides centralized deployment, distributed license management, administrative privileged management, centralized reporting, and transparent device roaming


  • Simple and quick to deploy and manage
  • No network changes required for deployment
  • Agentless or Agent-based scanning


  • Confusing branding with multiple sites and names for the same tech
  • Segregated portals for Guests, Partners, and BYOD
  • Opaque pricing, licensing requirements, and support options
  • Lacks features compared to other enterprise options


InfoExpress NAC solutions  perform automated discovery and integrate with third-party security tools.


CyberGatekeeper deploys as physical or virtual appliances and additional software modules may be deployed on the appliances. To extend the appliance reach to remote locations, additional hardware devices (vLink) deployed to remote locations. For high volume needs, an organiztion will deploy multiple appliances and manage them with the Central Visibility Manager software.


InfoExpress does not directly publish pricing but will offer free trials of their Easy NAC product. Appliances and licensed software may be purchased as a perpetual license with annual support or licensed on a subscription basis.

The pricing for appliances, software, and additional modules depend upon the number of devices being managed. Seven different appliances are currently available:

  • Access Mini CGXA-S10: Up to 300 devices and 10 subnets, 4 ports
  • Access 100 CGXA-S100: Up to 2,500 devices and 100 subnets, 8 ports
  • Access 200 CGXA-S200: Up to 5,000 devices and 100 subnets, 8 ports
  • Access 500 CGXA-S500: Up to 10,000 devices and 200 subnets, 8 ports
  • Access 600 CGXA-S600: Up to 10,000 devices and 200 subnets, 10 ports
  • Access VM ENAC-VM-SMB: Up to 500 devices and 10 subnets
  • Access VM ENAC-VM-ENT: Up to 10,000 devices and 20 subnets

InfoExpress also offers the self-installing vLink appliance to extend CGX Access to remote sites.

Bottom Line: Rapid, Self-Controlled NAC Deployment

The InfoExpress NAC options can deploy quickly because of their simplified feature set and self-contained appliances. While SaaS deployments may be somewhat faster, InfoExpress NAC solutions provide IT teams with full control over the appliances and their deployment. Organizations favoring control and speed should keep InfoExpress Gatekeeper, CGX Access, and Easy NAC options on their shortlist for consideration and evaluation.

This article was originally written by Drew Robb on July 7, 2017, and updated by Chad Kime on April 20, 2023.

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