Hillstone NIPS: IDPS Product Overview and Analysis

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Company Description

Founded in 2006 by NetScreen, Cisco, and Juniper industry veterans, privately held Hillstone Networks delivers network security solutions to thousands of customers worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, financial and educational institutions, service providers, and data centers.

Product Description

The Hillstone Network-based IPS (NIPS) appliance offers intrusion prevention, anti-virus, application control, advanced threat detection, abnormal behavior detection, a cloud sandbox and a cloud-based security management and analytics platform. NIPS operates in-line, performing deep packet inspection, and assembling inspection of all network traffic. It also applies protocol anomaly analysis and signature analysis to block threats.

Gartner likes Hillstone’s “read-only” cloud-based option for monitoring and alerting, competitive price/performance, and wide range of detection and prevention options. Drawbacks include limited Active Directory integration, and only basic alert processing and reporting.

Markets and Use Cases

Government, finance, education, ISP and enterprise customers who need a standalone IPS/IDS appliance for better protection/internal network segmentation and threat monitoring.


Hillstone IPS engine has a 99.6% blocking rate of static exploits and 98.325% blocking rate of live exploits (reported by NSS Labs). It can identify more than 3000 applications, including mobile and cloud applications. IPS throughput of up to 14 Gbps.


It includes an advanced threat detection engine and abnormal behavior detection engine.






Starting at $18,000

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Drew Robb
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