Extreme Networks ExtremeControl: NAC Product Overview and Insight

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Company Description

Extreme Networks was founded in 1996. Based in San Jose, Calif., it designs, builds, and installs software-driven networking solutions. It serves customers in more than 80 countries. Extreme Networks is publicly listed as EXTR on NASDAQ. Over the last few years, it has acquired some other security and networking companies, among them Enterasys Networks.

Product Description

ExtremeControl unifies the security of wired and wireless networks, providing visibility and control over users, devices and applications. It enables granular policy controls to help users comply with policies and compliance obligations in heterogeneous endpoint environments. As such, it locates, authenticates and applies targeted policies to users and devices as they connect to the network for secure BYOD, guest access and Internet of Things security. ExtremeControl integrates into the customer’s security ecosystem for identity mapping and distributed threat response. It is also integrated with major third party ecosystems for private cloud orchestration, mobile device management (MDM), enterprise mobility management (EMM), content filter and firewall solutions.
“NAC should provide authorization, authentication and assessment of devices and users connecting to the network,” said Dan Dulac, vice president of product management at Extreme Networks. “The minimum NAC features are visibility to identify devices, dynamic policy to control the end system access, authentication, compliance, BYOD capability, and guest onboarding verify compliance in assessment.”


Both agent-based and agentless assessment options are available. A persistent or dissolvable agent can be installed on the client end system for assessment. This can be downloaded via a captive portal website or installed via a software distribution system such as group policy or system center configuration manager. The agentless assessment does not require installation or running of any software on the end system.

Markets and Use Cases

Extreme has enjoyed success in the education market. Dulac said that success is spreading to the entertainment/hospitality market, as well as healthcare.

Applicable Metrics

It can scale up to 200,000 end system or end points per contained system.
Security Qualifications: It has DISA Unified Capabilities (UC).


It uses a rules-based architecture to automate various use cases across the network. Based on various inputs such as device, user, location, time, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) membership, RADIUS information and more, it can provide flexible access and control. In addition to a built-in rules engine, integration with third party vendors automates and orchestrates various workflows spanning to security systems and virtual infrastructures.


Via a physical or virtual appliance.


The company has a per-user pricing model.

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