BWise: GRC Vendor Overview and Insight

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Company Description

Nasdaq provides trading, clearing, marketplace technology, regulatory, securities listing, information, and public and private company services worldwide. The company’s Market Services segment offers equity derivative trading and clearing; cash equity trading; fixed income and commodities trading and clearing; and trade management services. Founded in 1971, it is based in New York City. It acquired BWise in 2012.

Product Description

The BWise GRC platform identifies roles aligned with GRC and a library of GRC templates. GRC modules exist for internal audit, risk management, compliance & policy management, internal control, information security, and sustainability performance management.

New Features

Directors Desk is a platform that streamlines the sharing of mission-critical information via the web or tablet app to run board meetings more productively, from scheduling and document review to presentations and voting.

Markets and Use Cases

Large and midsized organizations

Analyst View

Forrester classifies Nasdaq as a Leader, its top rating. However, the analyst firm said the solution can sometimes create complicated and lengthy implementations.




Nasdaq uses a subscription-based SaaS model.

Drew Robb
Drew Robb
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