Bitglass Cloud Security: CASB Product Overview and Insight

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Company information

Bitglass was founded in 2013, and began shipping its CASB product in January 2014.

Target market

Large enterprises and SMEs.

Notable Features

Bitglass is the only agentless CASB solution with support for any app and any device, and the only CASB with integrated identity and access management (IAM) and agentless mobile data protection, according to the company.

Supported cloud applications

All major enterprise cloud applications, including SaaS, IaaS and custom apps, Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce, AWS, Box and others.

Industry strengths

Healthcare and financial services. Demand is also growing in non-regulated industries.

Security qualifications

Privacy Shield certified, hosted on AWS (which includes many security and compliance qualifications such as ISO 27001, SOC 2, FIPS), and currently undergoing FedRAMP certification.

Method of delivery


Technology (API, proxy or hybrid):



Pricing is per user per month, supporting any number of devices and any number of applications.

CASB revenues

Not disclosed.

Approximate number of paying customers

Not disclosed.

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