Trump Tops AOL's 2005 Spam List

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Donald Trump actually got more play than porn when it came to spam thisyear.

According to AOL's Third Annual Top 10 Spam List, those nasty -- andtireless -- spammers are getting craftier, more devious and moredangerous. And gone are the days when inboxes were filled withpornographic spam. In 2005, it was all about 'The Donald'.

As we move into 2006, however, some say spammers increasingly will giveup on their old methods and turn to new targeted attacks.

Here is what worked for this year, though. This is AOL's list of the TopFive Spams of 2005:

  • Donald Trump Wants You -- Please Respond;
  • The Penis Patch;
  • Body Wrap -- Lose 6-20 Inches in One Hour;
  • Get an Apple iPod Nano, PS3 or Xbox 360 for Free;
  • It's Lisa, I Must have Sent You the Wrong Site.

    For the full list of tricky spams, you can go to