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  • Encryption

    New Quantum-safe Cryptography Standards Arrive None Too Soon

    A six-year quantum cryptography competition just ended, producing four new security standards selected by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology. The announcement comes on the heels of a few major strides in quantum computing accessibility and speed—and may hopefully stave off the growing quantum security threat. The NIST contest began […]

  • security hyperautomation gartner

    Hyperautomation and the Future of Cybersecurity

    Next-gen AI systems are now baked into just about every category of software—but Gartner believes we can automate even further. For the last few years, Gartner has predicted that hyperautomation would become a global, if not necessary, business trend. And in cybersecurity, hyperautomation could be the thing that makes the constant onslaught of alerts and […]

  • lapsus$

    LAPSUS$ Cyber Crime Spree Nabs Microsoft, Okta, NVIDIA, Samsung

    The LAPSUS$ threat group has had an attention-grabbing month, snaring high-profile victims like Microsoft, Okta, NVIDIA, Samsung and others. On March 22, Microsoft confirmed a substantial breach by the LAPSUS$ hacking group. In a blog post detailing its efforts to track and contain the breach, Microsoft described LAPSUS$ as a “large scale social engineering and […]

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