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  • A group of IT professionals sit around a table with work devices in hand as this article is about the top cybersecurity startups in 2022. What is your average security startup doing today, read on to find out.

    Cybersecurity Mergers Flatline – Here’s Why That Won’t Last

    Much like the rest of technology, merger and acquisition (M&A) activity for cybersecurity companies has been in a slump this year. There are a number of reasons why that won’t last, but still, the decline has been noteworthy. For the first seven months of this year, there were a mere 34 startups that got acquired, […]

  • A group of IT professionals sit around a table with work devices in hand as this article is about the top cybersecurity startups in 2022. What is your average security startup doing today, read on to find out.

    Funding for Cybersecurity Startups Plunges – But Some Still Get Deals

    Cybersecurity startups had been pretty resilient despite the downturn in venture capital funding, but that run has ended in recent months. Venture investments in cybersecurity startups in the second quarter plunged 63% to $1.6 billion, according to data from Crunchbase. Funding was down 40% sequentially from the first quarter, and was the lowest since the […]

  • Lock icon in the middle of a human hand and a robotic hand with a virtual environment.

    How Generative AI Will Remake Cybersecurity

    In March, Microsoft announced its Security Copilot service. The software giant built the technology on cutting-edge generative AI – such as large language models (LLMs) – that power applications like ChatGPT. In a blog post, Microsoft boasted that the Security Copilot was the “first security product to enable defenders to move at the speed and […]

  • GPT-4 on screens.

    ChatGPT Security and Privacy Issues Remain in GPT-4

    GPT-4 has many of ChatGPT’s malicious capabilities, in some cases even enhancing them.

  • ai security

    AI Coding: A Security Problem?

    Andrej Karpathy is a former research scientist and founding member of OpenAI. He was also the senior director of AI at Tesla. Lately, he has been using Copilot, which leverages GPT-3 to generate code. He tweeted this about it: “Nice read on reverse engineering of GitHub Copilot. Copilot has dramatically accelerated my coding, it’s hard […]

  • Data privacy compliance laws: GDPR, CCPA, and PIPL.

    Automated Security and Compliance Attracts Venture Investors

    In 2013, Adam Markowitz founded Portfolium, an edtech startup that matched college students and graduates with employers. “I remember the first time we were asked for a SOC 2 report, which quickly became the minimum bar requirement in our industry for proof of an effective security program,” he said. The process for creating the report […]

  • Metaverse and security

    Cybersecurity in the Metaverse Will Require New Approaches

    Despite challenges faced by Meta and others, there remains optimism for the metaverse. The PwC 2022 U.S. Metaverse Survey highlights this. The survey, which included over 5,000 consumers and 1,000 U.S. business leaders, shows that half of consumers consider the metaverse to be exciting, and 66% of executives say their companies are actively engaged with […]

  • AI & security

    ChatGPT: A Brave New World for Cybersecurity

    Released on November 30, ChatGPT has instantly become a viral online sensation. In a week, the app gained more than one million users. Unlike most other AI research projects, ChatGPT has captivated the interest of ordinary people who do not have PhDs in data science. They can type in queries and get human-like responses. The […]

  • What VCs See Happening in Cybersecurity in 2023

    It has certainly been a rough year for the tech industry. There have been many layoffs, the IPO market has gone mostly dark, and venture funding has decelerated. Despite all this, there is one tech category that has held up fairly well: Cybersecurity. Just look at a report from M&A advisory firm Houlihan Lokey, which […]

  • Cryptocurrency and ransomware

    FTX Collapse Highlights the Cybersecurity Risks of Crypto

    John Jay Ray III is one of the world’s top bankruptcy lawyers. He has worked on cases like Enron and Nortel. But his latest gig appears to be the most challenging. On November 11, he took the helm at FTX, a massive crypto platform, which has plunged into insolvency. His Chapter 11 filing reads more […]

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