Secure Your Wi-Fi, or a SWAT Team May Attack


An Indiana SWAT team recently followed up on anonymous online threats by bursting into a house using flash grenades -- only to find that they had come to the wrong place.

"Turns out the home had an open Wi-Fi router, and the threats had been made by someone outside the house," writes Ars Technica's Nate Anderson. "Whoops."

"Imagine you're sitting at home, comfortable on the couch, watching the Food Network, when all of a sudden a heavily armed SWAT team breaks down your door and storms into your living room," writes SecurityNewsDaily's Matt Liebowitz. "That's what happened to 18-year-old Stephanie Milan, who was watching TV in her family's Evansville, Ind., home ... when a team of police officers broke down her storm door -- the front door was already open -- and tossed a flashbang stun grenade into the room."

"Workers were at the Milan home on Friday repairing the storm door and broken window," write the Evansville Courier & Press' John Martin and Mark Wilson. "Carpet inside the house was stained with black residue from the flashbang grenade."

"A day after the raid, 18-year-old Stephanie Milan’s cellphone and laptops were still being held by police," writes Digital Journal's Anne Sewell.

"Moral of the story: just smack a password on your router," writes Geekosystem's Sui Ying Teoh.