5 Useful New Open Source Security Apps

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With the vast amount of open source apps out there--our friends at Datamation tell us that some experts say the number of open source apps available doubles every fourteen months--it's impossible to keep track of them all. To help you locate the best of the best, Cynthia Harvey assembled a list of 50 obscure, but useful tools, including five open source security applications you might never have heard of.



As you might guess from the name, this app lets you secure your folders. It gives you the option of hiding, locking, and/or encrypting folders to keep them safe from prying eyes. Operating System: Windows, Linux.


This cross-platform steganography app makes it easy to hide—or find—messages encoded in graphics. It's easy to use and gives users a lot of encryption and compression options. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

Computer Security


Find out how well your website will stand up to attack with this penetration testing framework. It incorporates a number of well-known open source tools, including e Fierce domain scanner, Maltego, WebScarab, ratproxy, w3af, burp, BeEF, AJAXShell and many others. Operating System: Linux.

No Autorun

Just like the name suggests, this app prevents any malware on a thumb drive from auto-running when you plug it into your system. It also logs suspicious files, so you can see the malware it's blocked. Operating System: Windows.


The "AFIS" in this app name stands for "Automated Fingerprint Identification System." It works with a variety of fingerprint readers to authenticate users. Operating System: OS Independent.

The complete list of 50 open source apps is available at Datamation.

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