New Architecture Improves Data Security

Symantec this week demonstrated a new Object File Server (OFS) technology it created?to help deal with the management and storage issues IT departments are facing as they?respond to?the massive growth of unstructured data currently underway in the industry. The amount of data large enterprises and IT service providers are required to store is growing by 50 percent a year, the company said.

OFS provides a new architecture that leverages commodity components — standard storage racks, Ethernet switches and data servers. In addition to data servers, a metadata server in the rack acts as a traffic cop managing access to up to thousands of clients.

On the security front, OFS requires that every client be authenticated and authorized to access file systems. The system requires that every single read and write be digitally signed to protect information against unauthorized access. Access is managed by the metadata server.

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David Needle
David Needle
David Needle is a veteran technology reporter based in Silicon Valley. He covers mobile, big data, customer experience and social media, among other topics. He was formerly news editor at Infoworld, editor of Computer Currents and TabTimes and West Coast bureau chief for both InformationWeek and

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