McAfee Goes After Apple iOS Security

There has been a lot of activity in the research community lately about Android security risks. Apple’s iOS has also faced some scrutiny and is now getting new security software from Intel’s McAfee security division.

McAfee this week officially announced the availability of the McAfee WaveSecure app in Apple’s AppStore. WaveSecure enables backup of iOS devices as well as device tracking via the McAfee WaveSecure online portal. The service enables an iOS user to restore their contacts back to another iOS device or even to an Android device. If a device is stolen the users can remotely wipe data from it as well to prevent information theft.

While McAfee is officially announcing the availability of WaveSecure iOS this week, Apple actually approved the app back on July 12.

In terms of features, Apple offers similar device tracking capabilities via its Mobile Me app. McAfee however sees their app as offering a different choice to consumers.

“Apple offers many security features natively in its operating system,” Lianne Caetano, McAfee’s director of Marketing for consumer obile products told “McAfee offers WaveSecure as an alternative that supports multiple mobile device platforms.”

The WaveSecure app is all about targeting the greatest risk to iOS devices, which currently isn’t malware.

“Theft and loss are certainly the most serious threats right now, both for consumers and enterprises,” Caetano said. “We certainly cannot rule out other threats and thus we have dedicated researchers closely monitoring all mobile platforms, including iOS, and are prepared to respond to any new threat arising, malware or otherwise.

According to Caetano, thus far, the majority of observed malware threats for iOS have targeted Jailbroken devices.

At $19.99, the McAfee WaveSecure app is among the more expensive apps in the AppStore. Caetano noted that $19.99 is the price point for WaveSecure and McAfee will re-evaluate product pricing on an ongoing basis.

The other thing that McAfee will be looking at regularly is the mobile security threat landscape to see where new technologies and solutions might be required.

“We will continue to offer additional products and solutions for consumers, enterprises, and all points in between,” Caetano said. “Certainly, McAfee is well poised to observe new threats as they emerge and respond accordingly.”

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at, the news service of, the network for technology professionals.

Sean Michael Kerner
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