Network-1 upgrades CyberwallPLUS

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Network-1 Security Solutions has released a new version of its CyberwallPLUS host-based firewall and intrusion detection software. The new version is compatible with more desktop operating systems, and supports dial-up devices as well as wireless LANs. It also now supports load balancing and other features aimed at redundancy.

CyberwallPLUS 7.0 comes in two versions, SV and WS, for server and workstation, respectively.

Like previous iterations of the product, both versions employ multiple security technologies, including packet filtering, stateful inspection and intrusion detection. The packet filter looks at packets to verify that source and destination addresses and protocols are valid, while stateful inspection involves a more detailed examination of packets and prevents hacks such as a session hijack.

CyberwallPLUS-SV 7.0 now supports server clustering, for environments where multiple servers are configured to work as one, and load balancing when used with Windows 2000 Data Center version. It also can now be used in servers with dual network interface cards (NIC), for servers that demand high-availability or to combine two network connections for more bandwidth.

Both the server and workstation versions also now support 802.11 wireless LANs, enabling CyberwallPLUS to prevent unauthorized users within the reach of a wireless LAN from tapping in to the network.

The workstation version is now available for more platforms, adding Windows 98, SE and ME to the existing Windows NT and Windows 2000 suppport. "That means it supports all the major retail operating systems, which is good for companies that have people working at home at night or on weekends," says Kevin Gagnon, director of product marketing for Network-1.

Such users can also now take advantage of dial-up support, adding to the product's existing support for broadband connections. Network-1 contends all the dangers of always-on broadband connections still apply when the machine is dialing in to the corporate network. These include an intruder using the machine as a launch pad for distributed denial of service attacks and hijacking a connection to break into the corporate network.

Both versions of CyberwallPLUS can be controlled from a central administration station, relieving the end user from having to deal with complicated configuration tasks. Any alerts are also sent to the management station, with no warning sent to the intruder.

Pricing for CyberwallPLUS-SV starts at $1,095 while the WS version starts at $995 for 10 licenses. The central management software costs $195.


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