TIBCO taps ValiCert to secure online transactions

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To bring advanced security to its customers as they conduct transactions online, TIBCO has formed an alliance with ValiCert, a provider of products and services for securing transactions and documents based in Mountain View, Calif.

TIBCO, based in Palo Alto, will bundle ValiCert's B2B Express product with the TIBCO ActiveExchange suite of products, forging a secure B2B platform for TIBCO customers to conduct transactions with suppliers, distributors, and partners.

"After looking at three other security companies, we chose ValiCert for its certificate validation and non-repudiation capabilities throughout the transaction lifecycle," says Ramin Sayer, product marketing manager for TIBCO.

TIBCO is incorporating B2B Express components including Validation Authority and Digital Receipts into ActiveExchange.

The Validation Authority ensures digital certificates are still valid before they are accepted to conduct a transaction. That gives users an assurance that their trading partners are who they purport to be, and that their digital certificate has not been revoked.

Digital Receipts are issued for transactions or even a portion of a transaction, such as the digital signature and time stamp. Each receipt is digitally signed with a unique ID, providing an audit trail for transactions.

The combination of these ValiCert components is intended to ensure that TIBCO customers can exchange information directly or through intermediaries while maintaining security and non-repudiation.

TIBCO's ActiveExchange includes TIB/BusinessConnect, allowing a company to interconnect with partners, customers, and vendors. The TIB/BusinessConnect for RosettaNet is an application that enables a company to distribute to its partners, customers and vendors that do not have B2B commerce systems.

TIBCO and ValiCert are offering customers the option of a 3-month free trial service. After that, pricing is based on a per-transaction model. Pricing varies according to volume but equates to "several cents per transaction" for roughly one million transactions, a ValiCert spokesman said.

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