PKI-Related Vendors

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An Array of PKI-Related Vendors

 ABAecomSalt Lake Cityabaecom.comA subsidiary of the American Bankers Association that is partnered with Digital Signature Trust to offer electronic verification and encryption services for financial institutions 
 Arcot Systems Inc.Santa Clara, Calif.arcot.comProvider of mobile digital identity solutions 
 Baltimore Technologies plc.Needham, Mass.baltimore.comMajor PKI player with roots in Europe 
 Celo Communications Ltd.Mountain View, Calif.celocom.comProvides a digital signature product, CeloCom eSigner 
 CertCo Inc.New Yorkcertco.comSuite of PKI-enabling products and services focusing on risk management 
 Certicom Corp.Hayward, Calif.certicom.comProvides ECC encryption technology 
 Diversinet Corp.Torontodvnet.comPKI products focusing on PDAs, pagers, and other wireless devices 
 eccelerate.comNew Yorkeccelerate.comDun & Bradstreet spin-off providing authentication, verification, and company credential information to online buyers and sellers 
 Entegrity Solutions Corp.San Jose, Calif.entegrity.comEntegrity SDP is a platform for integrating applications with multivendor PKI systems; Entegrity TSP supports integration with Identrus PKI framework 
 Entrust Technologies Inc.Plano, Texasentrust.comOffers family of PKI products and managed services 
 iD2 TechnologiesStockholm, Swedenid2tech.comOffers family of PKI products for servers, desktops, and administration; acquired in June by Sonera Corp. 
 Identrus LLCNew Yorkidentrus.comFormed by a group of major banks to offer a PKI framework aimed at financial institutions 
 Litronic Inc.Irvine, Calif.litronic.comPKI deployment, management, and integration 
 Netlock Technologies Inc.Brea, Calif.netlock.comOffers peer-to-peer encryption and authentication technology based on digital certificates; works with multiple PKIs and operating systems 
 NTRU Cryptosystems Inc.Burlington, Mass.nTru.comEfficient NTRU encryption algorithm fosters concept of "disposable keys" and is targeted at consumer devices 
 PeerLogic Inc.San Franciscopeerlogic.comDirectory used widely for PKI deployments 
 Rainbow Technologies Inc.Irvine, Calif.rainbow.comOffers encryption, authentication, and authorization tools 
 RSA Security Inc.Bedford, Mass.rsasecurity.comOffers Keon PKI family, as well as authentication tokens and encryption products 
 Shym Technology Inc.Needham, Mass.shym.comTools for PKI-enabling applications; works with various PKI providers 
 Thawte CertificationRaleigh, N.C.thawte.comA VeriSign company offering digital certificate products 
 TrustWorks Systems B.V.Amsterdamtrustworks.comOffers tool kits that use agent technology for PKI-enabling applications 
 VeriSign Inc.Mountain View, Calif.verisign.comMajor PKI service provider 
 Xcert International Inc.Walnut Creek, Calif.xcert.comPKI products targeted at healthcare, telecom, financial services industries, and ASPs 

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