Security and Unified Communications

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Over the last two years our sister site, Enterprise VoIPplanet.com, has covered unified communications following the technologies as they matured. Now that hurdles related to adoption have largely been overcome, another great issue faces unified communications in the enterprise: security.

In, "Privacy Compliance: An emerging security issue around Unified Communications," posted April 8th, VoIPPlanet.com managing editor, Ted Stevenson, talks with Sipera's vice president of marketing and product management, Adam Boone, to explore some of the security related issues concerning UC.

"In UC, you're mingling a lot of the traffic from different applications," Boone says. "In the old world where I might have a separate network for voice, a separate network for data, a separate network for my video systems, in the new world, that's all merged onto one network and it's often mingled. Different applications will be mingled in one V-LAN or one segment of the network."

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