EFF Blasts Phone Security Proposal

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Be careful what you wish for. When the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) issued its recommendations for mobile phone security this week, it also asked for industry feedback.

No problem.

TCG, a non-profit industry standards board, got an earful from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San Francisco-based, non-tech industry group.

The EFF's stinging critique today of TCG's plans focused on consumer rights in areas such as privacy and digital technology, and said TCG's proposal is too restrictive on consumers.

The EFF response objects to digital rights management (DRM) support, which it says will control how and what content users can have on their phones.

DRM, which gives publishers the technology to restrict illegal copying and distribution of its software, has been a controversial topic in regards to music and other content distribution via the Internet for years.

EFF also objects to a TCG recommendation that phones include SIMlock/device personalization to ensure a device is locked to its network to help prevent theft. The EFF argues such inclusion will prevent consumers from switching mobile carriers or even reselling or donating an unwanted phone.

''TCG is proudly offering to help cell phone carriers lock down your phone,'' said Seth Schoen, EFF staff technologist, in a statement.

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