Epok Targets Web Services Security

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Epok, a security firm at the intersection of identity rights and Web services will introduce an upgrade to its flagship platform and a new customer today.

Trusted Data Exchange (TDX) 4.0 is designed to help customers exchange information with trusted parties using Web Services .

"Our main focus is on the wireless carrier market and the government sector," Ayman Hariri, Epok's president and CEO, told internetnews.com.

With TDX, carriers could mediate e-commerce transactions between their subscribers and other companies, releasing only the appropriate information to approved partners.

On the government side, Epok sees opportunities for TDX in homeland security and intelligence, facilitating information-sharing between different agencies.

To date, identity management firms have focused on application-level controls, Epok executives said. This puts the onus of security on the application developer, which leads to inconsistent policies and risking security and compliance breaches.

By contrast, TDX 4.0 creates a framework in which identities can be assigned for any data authority, including people, applications and abstract objects.

The new TDX version also supports the Web Services-Interoperability Organization's (WS-I) standards, Extensible Resource Identifier (XRI), SAML and Oracle's 10g database. Pricing starts at $75,000 per CPU.

Epok, which is privately held and based in Bethesda, Md., also announced today that Dubai International Airport has signed on as a customer for TDX. Financial terms were not disclosed.

In addition to its Maryland headquarters, the privately held company has offices in Seattle and London.

"I personally stand behind the company," said Hariri, whose father, Rafiq Hariri, is a self-made billionaire businessman and prime minister of Lebanon.

"I wanted to show an ability not just to go out and create a portfolio of companies," Ayman Hariri said. "I wanted to dedicate myself to something."

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