Product Goes After Phishing Scams

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Digital Envoy has release E-scam, the first product in the IP Inspector family aimed at addressing online fraud in a variety of forms.

E-scam is a Web-based application that is aimed at identifying phishing attacks, which are email campaigns that spoof a name brand site in order to steal user information like credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, user IDs and passwords.

E-scam relies on the IP intelligence heritage of Digital Envoy, which started in the ''geotargeting'' market of identifying the location where an IP address originated. Customers of E-scam can check the validity of the URL embedded in a message, to see if it matches that belonging to the branded Web site, such as a bank, payment processor or credit card company. E-scam also can uncover the location of the sender and determine the delivering email server.

''We are approaching fraud from an IP address perspective,'' says David Helsper, VP of engineering for Digital Envoy. ''We see the IP address -- we have access to information we can use to make decisions in a non-invasive, automatic process.''

Some good advice is to never provide personal information in response to an email request, Helpser suggests.

Digital Envoy is aiming the product at organizations conducting business with their customers online, such as banks, retailers and ISPs. The product provides additional assurance to consumers that their sensitive information is being protected. E-scam is not currently available as a product or a service to end user customers directly.

Digital Envoy's NetAcuity IP intelligence product is used by large Web sites including Google, Microsoft, Time Warner, AT&T, Verisign, Disney, Symantec and CNN.com. It provides customers with data about who is using their Web sites.

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