Where Armis is Taking IoT Security Next

Armis Security gained global notoriety in September 2017 for the discovery of the “BlueBorne” bluetooth vulnerability. The company first came out of stealth in June 2017, with the promise of helping organizations to identify and detect potential IoT security threats.

While identifying IoT devices is a core component of the Armis Security platform, the company is set to have a broader view of security in the coming year. In a video interview, Nadir Izrael, co-founder and CTO of Armis Security, provides some insight into where his security startup is headed next.

“The product gets updated almost every day,” Izrael said. “Part of the fun of being a cloud product means you can push out updates very rapidly.”

Izrael said that Armis is aiming to leverage all the information it has about many different types of devices for automation and control. As such, what Izrael wants to be able to do is rather than waiting for devices to be exploited and then react, he wants Armis to be able to proactively put in place all the proper controls and configuration to reduce risks.

Additionally, beyond just helping enterprises identity IoT device usage and threats, Izrael said Armis is also working with device manufacturers to help them understand the various threats that face their devices.

Watch the video interview with Nadir Izrael below:


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