The Onion, E! Online Twitter Feeds Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Members of the Syrian Electronic Army recently took over the Twitter feeds for E! Online and for the satirical newspaper The Onion (h/t The Hollywood Reporter).

Among the tweets posted by the hackers on The Onion’s feed were “UN retracts report of Syrian chemical weapon use: ‘Lab tests confirm it is Jihadi body odor,'” and “#TheOnion readership mass confusion as Syrian Electronic Army takes over. All demand a permanent column.”

In response, The Onion quickly published an article stating, “Following today’s incident in which the Syrian Electronic Army hacked into The Onion’s Twitter account, sources at America’s Finest News Source confirmed that its Twitter password has been changed to OnionMan77 in order to prevent any future cyber-attacks.”

And while the Syrian Electronic Army claimed responsibility for taking over E! Online’s Twitter account, the fake tweets there were far less political: “Exclusive: Justin Bieber to E!online: I’m a gay,” and “E! News Breaking: Justin Bieber arrested in Dubai due to false tweets with him coming out situation developing.”

Soon after, the recovered E! Online account tweeted, “This account @eonline was compromised and some incorrect information was sent out. We’re working with Twitter now to fix this.”

Other recent targets of the Syrian Electronic Army’s attacks include National Public Radio, The Guardian and the Associated Press.

Jeff Goldman
Jeff Goldman has been a technology journalist for more than 20 years and an eSecurity Planet contributor since 2009.

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