Nintendo 3DS Hacked

According to Tiny Cartridge’s Eric Caoili, hackers are making “considerable gains” in hacking the Nintendo 3DS.

“Coder Xcution is showing off homebrew tests … and now another hacker named Neimod claims to have full control of the system in kernel mode with an unmodified 3DS and an exploit that uses a specific retail game,” Caoili writes. “While he says this exploit could be easily patched, Neimod notes that ‘with full kernel control, anything is possible,’ including circumventing the 3DS’s pesky region lock.”

“He also notes that he has no interest in allowing others to use his hack to run pirated software,” writes Gameranx’s Matt Hawkins. “And indeed, for those of us who have long wanted to justify the purchase of an all white 3DS XL, which will not be released in America, this is great news. Unfortunately, the reality is, most people are not nearly as thoughtful, and are eager to dive heardfirst into its library but without paying a single red cent.”

Jeff Goldman
Jeff Goldman
Jeff Goldman is an eSecurity Planet contributor.

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