FBI: U.S. ‘Not Winning’ War with Hackers

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, FBI executive assistant director Shawn Henry said that, despite many high profile arrests of hackers, “we’re not winning.”

“The issue for companies and governments is that there are too many hackers out there and that they have far too many points of entry to steal data,” writes CNET News’ Don Reisinger.

“‘I don’t see how we ever come out of this without changes in technology or changes in behavior, because with the status quo, it’s an unsustainable model,’ Henry told the Journal. ‘Unsustainable in that you never get ahead, never become secure, never have a reasonable expectation of privacy or security,'” Reisinger writes.

Go to “U.S. ‘not winning’ war with hackers, says FBI bigwig” to read the details.

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