BluVector Takes Aim at Security Bug Hunting

Kris Lovejoy is a well-known executive in the IT security community, thanks to her leadership within IBM’s security group from 2007 to 2015. Last June, Lovejoy left Big Blue for a startup technology clealled BluVector by Acuity Solutions.

In a video interview, Lovejoy details what the BluVector technology is all about and how it works. The technology, which has been in various stages of research and development for over four years, is provided by way of a network appliance that is deployed in a cluster, with shared management providing a high degree of resiliency.

The network appliance uses commodity hardware, Lovejoy explained, but in a unique way that digests information on the network interface card (NIC). The BluVector appliance is installed behind an organization’s network gateway, analyzing all the traffic and also taking in multiple sets of threat intelligence feeds. All the data is ingested in real time with multiple security engines running in parallel.

Watch the full video interview with Kris Lovejoy below:

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Sean Michael Kerner
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