Black Hat: What Are the Tools of Car Hacking?

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have spent thousands of hours of their own time over the last three years researching car security. The pair presented on multiple car vulnerabilities at the last three Black Hat events, but they have pledged that they’re now done.

While Miller and Valasek are moving on from car hacking, they actively encourage others to follow in their footsteps. Car hacking is one of the scariest IoT security threats.

“We need more people involved in car security research,” Miller said. “But it’s expensive.”

There are only a handful of tools that are needed to conduct car hacking research; notable among them is the IDA Pro disassembler. Miller and Valasek both emphasized that tools are not the barrier to entry to car hacking.

“The tools aren’t the barrier; it’s the willingness to sit down, pound your head against the wall and disassemble stuff.”

Watch the video interview from the Black Hat 2016 press conference below:

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Sean Michael Kerner
Sean Michael Kerner
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