Thousands of Bitcointalk Accounts Hacked

The Bitcoin discussion forum was recently hacked and defaced by hackers calling themselves “The Hole Seekers” (h/t Softpedia).

The defacement page showed an unusually creative animated video of rockets and explosions, followed by the statement, “Hello friend, Bitcoin has been seized by the FBI for being illegal. Thanks, bye.”

In a post on Reddit, admin Theymos warned that it’s possible that the hackers may have accessed the forum’s database, and that the forum will be down for a while. “At this time I feel that password hashes were probably not compromised, but I can’t say for sure,” he wrote. “If you used the same password on as on other sites, you may want to change your passwords. Passwords are hashed using sha256crypt with 7500 rounds (very strong).”

“Figuring out the specifics is probably beyond my skills, so 50 BTC to the first person who tells me how this was done,” Theymos added.

A hacker later contacted Softpedia’s Eduard Kovacs, claiming to be selling 150,000 e-mail addresses and hashed passwords stolen from the forum and asking 25 BTC for the data. Kovacs, however, ran the data by Theymos, who said the e-mail addresses didn’t match those of forum users.

Jeff Goldman
Jeff Goldman has been a technology journalist for more than 20 years and an eSecurity Planet contributor since 2009.

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