Betfair Acknowledges Cyber Attacks

Online gambling company Betfair recently acknowledged that it was the victim of cyber attacks 18 months ago that attempted to gain access to customers’ personal data.

“The company did not inform customers at the time,” writes ZDNet UK’s Ben Woods. “’18 months ago we were subject to an attempted data theft. Because of our security measures the data was unusable for fraudulent activity and we were able to recover the data intact,’ the company said in a statement on Friday.”

“However, according to a report in The Telegraph on Friday, the attackers did in fact manage to steal millions of users’ sensitive details including 2.28 million encrypted payment card account numbers and details, 3.16 million account user names with encrypted security questions and 89,744 account user names with bank account details,” Woods writes.

Go to “Betfair keeps quiet over ‘attempted data theft’” to read the details.

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