Anonymous Hackers Target European Parliament

The European Parliament’s Web site was taken down by a DDoS attack yesterday.

“Anonymous, a loose-knit group of hackers and digital activists, has undertaken a series of DDoS attacks against government websites and other organizations following last week’s international take-down of Megaupload, whose operators are wanted by U.S. authorities for alleged copyright infringement related offenses,” writes ITworld’s Jeremy Kirk.

“The hacktivist group has also been stirred to action by the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), a treaty that establishes a framework for how countries should deal with what are considered significant infringement of intellectual property rights,” Kirk writes. “The treaty is in the process of being ratified by countries. Several European Union countries — including Poland, which saw widespread protests over the treaty — signed the treaty on Thursday in Japan.”

Go to “European Parliament says its website taken offline by attackers” to read the details.

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