Anonymous Hacker Hits Arizona Boarding School

Hacker AnonAntidote recently defaced the Web site of Arizona’s Oak Creek Ranch School, a boarding school for teenagers with ADD and ADHD.

Cyber War News reports that a message was posted on the site’s front page stating, “Dear Oak Creek Ranch School, You make your money off the naive, the lazy and the misguided parents leading them to believe that you are helping their sons and daughters to be healed, educated and treated. Putting in place point systems to buy necessities as well as privileges and providing punishment and abuse to those who wander stray of them. In reality this doesn’t treat or help them but instead lowers self-esteem. Simply expelling students that you can’t control while keeping the hard earned money given by the parents. Parents reading this DO NOT send your child to any of these ‘treatment schools’ nearly all are not certified(including this one), do not have qualified staff for treating or educating teens and do not get visited regularly by the safety advisors. Research and find out yourself, think before you act.

According to Softpedia’s Eduard Kovacs, the defacement, which lasted for approximately 10 hours, was part of Anonymous’ Operation Liberation, aimed at protesting abuse of teenagers at educational institutions.

“The hacker also leaked the school’s mailing list, made of over 300 records, which may indicate that he had gained access to the organization’s databases,” Kovacs writes. “Operation Liberation was launched back in August 2011 and has made a lot of victims since. ‘For years, teenagers have had to suffer from countless years of torture and brainwashing in so called ‘troubled teen camps.’ These include camps like Cross Creek in Utah, and Paradise Cove in Samoa,’ hacktivists said at the time.”

Jeff Goldman
Jeff Goldman
Jeff Goldman has been a technology journalist for more than 20 years and an eSecurity Planet contributor since 2009.

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