Nexusguard: DDoS Protection Product Overview and Analysis

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Company Description

Founded in 2008, Nexusguard protects against a multitude of threats, including distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, to ensure uninterrupted internet service. It is wholly owned by Legend Ventures Holding (LVH).

Product Description

Nexusguard’s solution mitigates all types of DDoS attacks and cyberthreats, delivering maximum uptime to organizations with an online presence. This encompasses protection against level 3 to level 7 attacks including DDoS attacks, TCP SYN+ACK, TCP FIN, TCP RESET, TCP ACK, TCP PSH+ACK, TCP fragment, UDP, Slowloris, spoofing, ICMP, IGMP, HTTP flood, brute force, connection flood, ping of death, Smurf, reflected ICMP and UDP, SSL flood, zero-day attacks and more.

Markets and Use Cases

Financial services, eCommerce, government, entertainment and also turnkey anti-DDoS solutions for service providers.


The company operates a globally distributed scrubbing network.


Acceleration and caching identifies frequently accessed content and compares it with the cache. If there's a match, the content is served from the cache, thereby reducing bandwidth utilization and accelerating delivery to the end user.




No agents used.


Not available.