Apple Patches Zero-Day Flaw

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Apple's Zero day flaw is no more.

Apple Security Update 2006-001 fixes the week old issue that US-CERT tagged with a Cyber Security Alert.

It also addresses 19 other issues in OS X, including improving security against worms which have just recently begun to slither through Apple's core.

The zero-day issue involved how OS X 10.4.5 handles ZIP archives in the Safari Web browser. Arbitrary commands could have potentially been executed automatically via Safari from a malicious site.

Though the issue remained open for over a week, there was simple workaround provided early on that involved disabling automatic file opening on downloads in Safari, or simply using another browser.

Apple's security update also revealed a number of other significant flaws in Safari that are now fixed with the patch.

This article was first published on InternetNews.com. To read the full article, click here.

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