Top 5 Riskiest Places to Go Online

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Traveling for business? Thinking of outsourcing to Russia? AVG compiled data for more than 100 countries and ranked the safest—and the most dangerous—destinations from which to go online.

AVG says that, on average, your chances of being attacked while online on any given day are 1 in 73. You can expect to be more vulnerable in some countries—or some continents—than in others, though.

By compiling data for 144 countries and 127 million PCs, AVG analyzed the incidence of security threats that its software had to deal with in the last week of July 2010. From these figures, the researchers calculated the likelihood of the average Web user encountering a Web security attack.

According to AVG, the Top Five Riskiest Countries are:

1)    Turkey, where users have a 1 in 10 chances of being attacked online.

2)    Russia, where odds of encountering a threat are 1 in 15.

3)    Armenia, where odds are slightly better at 1 in 24.

4)    Azerbaijan, where the chance of getting hit by a Web-based attack is 1 in 39.

5)    Bangladesh, with the risk at 1 in 41.

The safest five countries are Namibia, Togo, Japan, Niger, and Sierra Leone. Read AVG’s summary of the study here.

Naomi Graychase is managing editor at eSecurityPlanet. Follow eSecurityPlanet on Twitter @eSecurityP.