Dell Rolls Out Security Services, Hardware for SMBs

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Noting that midsized businesses face the exact same attack risks as a large enterprise, but don't have the budget to fight the problem, Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) today introduced a series of new hardware and services offerings for the small and mid-sized business market.

The portfolio is a combination of security management, deployment and vulnerability assessment tools along with new specialized hardware through Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR) and managed security services through a partnership with SecureWorks.

SecureWorks is a security information management outsourcing firm that collects data and events from across the Internet and uses that knowledge to identify threats.

Jeff Longoria, vice president of channel and business development with the firm, said the company identifies 13 billion threats on a daily basis through Internet sensors monitoring global traffic.

"Security services can be the glue that knit together a comprehensive security strategy to fill the gaps in resources and time," he said here during a briefing.

SecureWorks will start by offering 24/7 security, monitoring firewalls and security devices, specific risk consulting around threat assessments, penetration testing and Web app scanning. In a few months, it will offer a full portfolio of services to help mid-sized businesses to achieve regulatory compliance and lower costs by offloading day-to-day issues the company normally dealt with to SecureWorks.

Paulette Altmaier, vice president for small- and medium-business solutions at Dell (formerly with KACE, which Dell acquired last February), said Dell had previously taken a "hardware-centric" focus, but now the company was looking more at software and services.

Dell was also looking to offer simplified services, because mid-sized businesses don't always have the resources to deal with malware and security issues. "SMBs can't afford to spend huge amounts of money on security. Hence they are more at risk," she said in the briefing.

She added that specialized security expertise isn't in the SMB market. "Often times, the person responsible for security wears many hats. They can't always have the level of knowledge they should have. This reduces the ability of what they should do to increase their security posture."

Simplifying that complexity will come through a Dell-branded hardware and software solution made by Juniper Networks. The J-SRX network security appliances will provide firewall, intrusion prevention, antispam and antivirus technologies all in one box to help secure networks and not require specialized security experts to run it.

Dell will also offer security services through the KACE K1000 Management Appliance, which provides features for managing endpoint security, including making sure patches are distributed to all endpoints. The appliance also offers features including system inventory, helpdesk and application deployment, as well as vulnerability assessment and configuration enforcement.

KACE recently announced the Dell KACE Secure Browser, which uses application virtualization to reduce Internet-based security risks that come in through the Web browser.

Andy Patrizio is a senior editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of Internet.com, the network for technology professionals.