New Meru Product Offerings Strengthen WLANs

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Enterprises need predictable, secure, manageable WLANs that are no harder to operate than Ethernet. This week, Meru announced four new Service Assurance (SA) platform applications, which aim to provide that level of stability and security by supporting a suite of management applications, such last summer's E(z)RF Location and Network Managers.

Writing for our sister site, Wi-Fi Planet, network security expert, Lisa Phifer says, "Meru's APs, controllers, and SA applications already deliver many essential security features, from location, SSID, and user-based encryption/authentication to application-aware per-user firewalling and controller-based rogue detection. Meru even offers a unique RF Barrier to deter eavesdropping. But Meru did not have its own Wireless IDS/IPS (WIPS) – until now.

Meru's WIPS 1.0 closes a crucial gap, because its virtual cell architecture poses unique surveillance needs. The WIPS server (available Q310) runs on any Meru SA appliance, along side other SA applications. This server analyzes RF observations made by Meru APs and/or Meru's new PSM3x."

Wi-Fi Planet has the full story.