RSA DLP Upgrade Heightens Data Security

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RSA has released the latest version of its Data Loss Prevention security suite for enterprises, which are besieged by data breaches these days that cost an average of more than $6 million apiece to resolve.

RSA, the security division of storage giant EMC (NYSE: EMC), said the key to efficiently and affordably locking down critical information is to take a proactive approach to discovering and resolving potential threats before they become a $6 million problem.

"Protecting sensitive information as it transforms and moves across the globe is mission critical to today's multinational enterprises," Tom Corn, RSA's vice president of marketing, said in a statement. "Customers need security solutions that can help them manage their information risk by proactively locating and controlling sensitive information as it moves through the IT environment."

RSA DLP Suite 8.0 adds some 70 new features for scanning, workflow, reporting, and content processing to help enterprise customers to meet compliance standards and protect data from prying eyes and accidental keystrokes.

It also integrates RSA's core enVision platform and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) applications with technology from Archer Technologies, which RSA acquired in January, to simultaneously discover, classify, and map data to customers' overall security policies to ensure companies are meeting all national and industry-mandated security compliance standards.

Enterprise security these days means everything from safeguarding data from international cybercrime syndicates or implementing the controls necessary to ensure Doris in accounting doesn't accidentally mass e-mail an attachment containing the whole company's salary list. However, enterprise customers are becoming almost as terrified by the multitude of security tools available as they are of the consequences of failing to secure their networks.

Throw in a distributed workforce using any number of mobile devices, an almost universal infatuation with cloud-based applications, and the pervasive presence of social networking sites for official and unofficial businesses purposes and it's easy to see why so many CIOs rank security as their organization's top priority in 2010.

RSA DLP Suite 8.0 improves on previous versions by including native scanning of Microsoft SharePoint and IBM Lotus Notes, two of the most popular collaboration suites in use that also tend to facilitate the exchange of the most critical corporate data. It also scans and fingerprints IBM DB2 databases, another common repository for information at big companies that still store enormous amounts of legacy data.

For the first time, RSA DLP Suite 8.0 supports Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages, a nice boon for multinational companies who need to process mixed-language content and end-user notification from employees scattered across the globe.

"Business pressures, such as an increase in collaboration and support for mobile devices are driving easier access and broader sharing of enterprise information, which ups the ante for IT organizations to keep their sensitive data well-protected," said Derek Brink, a vice president and research fellow at Aberdeen Group.

Company officials said this spruced up version now incorporates offline endpoint protection for Web and instant messaging traffic when users are disconnected from the corporate network. This allows organizations to protect sensitive data even when employees bring laptops home and work remotely without directly connecting through the corporate network.

Larry Barrett is a senior editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of Internet.com, the network for technology professionals.