10 Vendors Set to Innovate at RSA Conference 2019

There are a lot of different events, sessions and activities to take in at the massive RSA security conference. The 2019 RSA Conference runs from March 4-8 in San Francisco, with the highlight of the first day the annual RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest.

The purpose of the contest is to showcase the best and the brightest in new security technology innovations. Out of the hundreds of organizations that applied, 10 finalists have been selected to present their technologies at the contest, demonstrating their technologies in booths and explaining it to judges who will select the ultimate winner.

The ten vendors selected as finalists by the RSAC judges span a range of different technologies, such as API security, fraud prevention, secure asset management, threat detection, cloud security and privacy protection.

Arkose Labsarkose

Founded: 2015
Funding: $14.5M

Innovation: Advanced fraud protection

Arkose Labs is in the business of helping organizations prevent fraud. The company’s platform includes capabilities to limit the risk of fraud from multiple attack vectors such as account takeovers, fake ratings and spam. Additionally, the platform provides protection against scraping attacks that aim to steal content from a business.


Founded: June 2017
Funding: $17M

Innovation: Cybersecurity asset management

Axonius aims to solve the the challenge of asset management for cybersecurity. The company’s core platform is aptly named the Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform and gives organizations a view of all the devices in an environment. They system provides asset inventory and classification, as well as visibility to help administrators when it comes time to handle patch management.


Founded: October 2016
Funding: $23.5M

Innovation: Zero-Day exploit detection

Capsule8 develops a technology platform that provides exploit detection for both known and unknown threats. The Capsule8 technology is well suited as a container security solution, but the company’s aspirations are larger, aiming to provide real-time protection for any type of workload running on a Linux system, be it bare metal, virtual machine or container.

See eSecurityPlanet’s product overview and analysis of Capsule8

CloudKnox Security

Founded: September 2015
Funding: $10.8M

Innovation: Hybrid cloud identity authorization technology

Managing identity across on-premises and multi-cloud environments is no easy task today, but that’s the challenge that CloudKnox Security is looking solve. The startup’s platform offers an activity-based authorization platform that can help organizations manage identity, for both human and system-level users.


Founded: 2014
Funding: $2.5M

Innovation: Cloud security controls for DevOps

Cloud providers already include multiple types of security controls, but how can an organization make sure that their deployments aren’t stepping out of bounds? The answer, according to startup DisruptOps, is to have Guardrails, an approach the company has implemented to provide insight into cloud controls and how they are being used.

Duality Technologiesduality

Founded: 2016
Funding: $4M

Innovation: Advanced data protection and encryption

Privacy is a primary concern for many organizations as they try to securely work with different types of data. The Duality SecurePlus technology keeps data encrypted and private, while still enabling organizations to analyze and collaborate on the data. Keeping personal data private is a key requirement of multiple compliance regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Founded: 2017
Funding: $11M

Innovation: Firmware security protection

Eclypsium develops technology that looks to help organizations mitigate the risk of firmware and hardware layer attacks against workloads. The Eclypsium platform offers visibility into firmware and hardware assets, providing insight into potential vulnerabilities.

Salt Securitysalt security

Founded: 2016
Funding: $10M

Innovation: API security

Salt Security officially launched its API Protection Platform on Jan. 29, offering organizations advanced capabilities to discover, prevent and remediate API attacks. APIs are widely used by applications and services, integrating data and different types of functionality.


Founded: 2016
Funding: $29M

Innovation: Code visibility and security

ShiftLeft is a DevOps security vendor with three core products that provide automation tools for code security. ShiftLeft Inspect is a Static Application Security (SAST) technology, while the Protect product is a runtime protection capability for application code. ShiftLeft’s Ocular is the company’s other product and makes use of a Code Property Graph (CPG) to explore code and better understand potential areas of risk.


Founded: December 2016
Funding: $13M

Innovation: Data privacy and protection as a service

WireWheel is another vendor seeking to help organizations protect privacy. The WireWheel approach is somewhat different than others, as it provides a data privacy and protection-as-a-service capability for managing privacy programs at large scale. Among the key differentiators of the WireWheel platform is its self-service privacy wizard that taps into preconfigured workflows and templates to enable organizations to quickly work toward privacy compliance.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at eSecurityPlanet and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

Sean Michael Kerner
Sean Michael Kerner
Sean Michael Kerner is an Internet consultant, strategist, and contributor to several leading IT business web sites.

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