Uplevel Systems Launches Secure SMB Suite

Cybersecurity startup Uplevel Systems has launched a new IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) product aimed at simplifying network security for small and midsized businesses (SMBs) and the managed service providers that set up and manage their technology. Dubbed the Secure SMB Suite, the subscription-based solution includes the hardware, software and services required to keep companies with fewer than 25 employees and their data safe.

And not a moment too soon, according to Tom Alexander, CEO of Uplevel Systems.

“Companies who think they are too small to be attacked are prime targets for today’s hackers, and more than 60 percent of SMBs suffering breaches go out of business within six months,” said Alexander, in prepared remarks. “It is not a question of whether or not these businesses need cybersecurity, but of how much they need. Our Secure SMB suite is designed to help IT professionals work with smaller clients to devise tailored solutions and best practices that meet their unique needs at a price they can afford.”

Secure SMB Suite provides Wi-Fi connectivity for mobile users and includes a stateful firewall along with a content-aware intrusion prevention system (IPS) that can detect embedded malware in network traffic. Using the solution, small businesses can create internal security groups that contain data and prevent unauthorized leaks of sensitive information.

Uplevel Systems Secure SMB Suite

Uplevel’s offering also addresses one of the biggest threats affecting businesses today: ransomware.

Once ransomware strikes, many victims end up paying their attackers to regain access to their files. To combat this, Secure SMB Suite allows customers to create cloud-based, remote or local backups, allowing users to recover their files and turn a ransomware outbreak into an inconvenience rather than costly and destructive security incident.

Other protections include secure DNS (Domain Name System) capabilities that thwart attackers posing as legitimate websites and WebTitan-based threat intelligence used to filter traffic from malicious websites. Finally, for enhanced security and privacy while remotely accessing an organization’s network, the solution includes VPN (virtual private network) connectivity.

Uplevel’s SMB Suite arrives a little over a year after the company announced it had raised $1.2 million to launch its hybrid managed IT services offerings.

“By making it simple to deliver and support managed IT offerings, the Uplevel service delivery model equips IT consultants to provide more and better services to clients in the 5-25 employee segment, in less time and with less travel to customer sites,” said Alexander at the time. “And for the first time, smaller companies can benefit from business-grade technology and the peace of mind that comes with knowing trusted IT professionals are watching over their networks 24/7, without breaking the bank.”

Pedro Hernandez
Pedro Hernandez is a contributor to eSecurity Planet, eWEEK, and the IT Business Edge Network. Previously, he served as a managing editor for the Internet.com network of IT-related websites and as the Green IT curator for GigaOM Pro.

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