PNC Bank Acknowledges Ongoing Cyber Attacks

PNC Bank recently e-mailed its customers to apologize for continuing problems they may be experiencing in trying to access their accounts online.

“PNC and a few other large U.S. banks have been hit with occasional denial-of-service attacks since a cyber hacking group said on Dec. 10 that it planned to launch an assault,” writes The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Alex Nixon. “The same group, calling itself al Qassam Cyber Fighters Group, hit PNC and other banks in September, crippling PNC‘s website for two days.”

“‘PNC has taken steps to block this traffic and maintain online and mobile banking access for the vast majority of its customers,’ the bank said in the customer email sent last night. ‘In some cases, those measures also may have blocked access to a small percentage of legitimate PNC customers for an extended period,'” writes The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Patricia Sabatini.

“The email said the issue is of access and not security, and customers’ accounts are protected,” writes The Pittsburgh Business Times’ Paul J. Gough. “If access is blocked, the email suggested either trying to log on again or contacting the bank.”

“A PNC spokesman said that ‘the vast majority of our customers largely have had uninterrupted access to our online banking system,’ and that the bank is working one-on-one with customers that have been prevented from accessing the site,” writes American Banker’s Chris Cumming.

Jeff Goldman
Jeff Goldman has been a technology journalist for more than 20 years and an eSecurity Planet contributor since 2009.

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