Nuix Aims to Deliver Security Insight

Reducing the risks of modern cyber-attacks is no longer just about blocking attacks at the perimeter of the enterprise. That’s where next generation solutions, like those from security vendor Nuix, can help play a role.

“You have to understand the enemy, to prevent the enemy and, if you don’t have that concept, you’re never going to be able to stop an attack,” Pogue said.

Nuix’s software capabilities have a foundation in eDiscovery, which is a class of software often used for legal investigations. The eDiscovery basis gives Nuix the ability to handle more than 1,500 different file types.

“We can take in data from a lot of different sources, and we can help extrapolate meaning from that data,” Pogue said. “So regardless of where the data comes from, we can put it into our tool and help users to understand (data).”

Watch the full video interview with Chris Pogue below:

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